Who we are?

Euroklee, S.L. is Spanish company founded in 1990 mainly focused in the import, export and distribution of medical supplies.

Euroklee S.L. aims to be a benchmark for all customers when purchasing products in the medical sector. It is our duty to offer a personalized service to all our customers, constantly providing the highest quality products at competitive prices. Similarly, Euroklee S.L. is open to suggestions and commercial proposals of companies having the same purposes as us, offer a service and make a business.

Our philosophy


Our mission is to be a leading company formed by a group of people guided to match the needs of its customers offering own products and third party products meet the highest quality in the international market within the Health area.

Our view is to be a leader in the field of medical and health products company, as well as ensure that all our customers receive the best products for their uses.