Sunmax I-Plus Main Advantages

  • Sunmax I-Plus is a tissue filled manufactured based on Atelocollagen type I, higt purified porcine dermis (collagen being the most similar human collagen) and naturally crosslinked use as fill in facial contour defects, unwanted wrinkles, etc.. produced by dermal aging and other external factors.
  • Thanks to its innovative purification sistem SPF free product is achieved pathogens, so it is not necessary to do a test before implantation, avoiding his time, all kinds of allergies, incompatibilities and unwanted side effects. It is a product safe and secure.
  • The treatment takes a really short time, about 15 and 30 minutes and get immediate results.
    Thanks to its composition, the syringe with the product is applied is thinner, so that the pain is less.

  • The treatment do not require surgery or anesthesia, so , we can go home immediately after treatment and continue with our daily routine.

    Compares to others derma fillers, inflammation area is minimun.

  • The recovery period is nil or minimal and by their criss-cross, visible results are achieved up to 12 months, without further adjustments.
  • The injected collagen fills the space of the lost collagen and binds to collagen gradient. Eventually, it will return to be degraded and absorbed by the body.