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Collagen foam made of bovine collagen of type I with hyaluronic acid by the process of lyolisation. The hyaluronic acid has outstanding anti-inammatory eects and it favourably modies the development of a scar.
The foam is fully biocompatible and is characterized by considerable haemostatic activity and stimulation of healing processes in the wound. It may be left on the wound until it is absorbed completely. Hycoll is recommended to be used with patients with both deep and supercial defects, on both acute and supercial wounds after removal of infected necroses. It can also be used on defects in cases of chronic venous insuciency, with patients with diabetic leg syndrome, and on burn wounds. It shows a very good eect in cases of diuse surface bleedings; the foam can be suitably used after treatment of surgical source of bleeding to ensure haemostasis in a surgically complicated wound.

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Medidas HyColl

100×100 mm 5 unidades, 50x100mm 5 unidades, 50x50mm 5 unidades


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