HemaColl Collagen foam



Collagen foam made of bovine collagen of type I by the process of lyofilisa on. Collagen is a biocompa ble material inherent to the body and characterized by a considerable haemosta c ac vity and s mula on of the healing processes in the wound. A er manufacture, the product is sterilized; it does not contain any preserva ve substances nor any other chemical substances. Thanks to its porous structure it shows high absorp on capacity.


Haemostatic cover characterized by high absorp on capacity. HemaColl is ssue compatible, nontoxic, adheres well to the bleeding surfaces.

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The basic mechanism of haemostasis induced by the action of collagen was described more than 30 years ago. It was found that blood platelets adhere to the surface of the porous structure of collagen, aggregate and form a blood clot. When in contact with wound exudate, the collagen foam forms a gel and thanks to its dis nc ve porous structure it absorbs the exudate rapidly and effec vely.


The proper es of the HemaColl product predetermine it for use in thoracic, abdominal and vascular surgery and also in traumatology. It is supplied in a prac cal packaging, easy to store, and it is ready for immediate applica on at any me. Its applica on is simple. A er applica on to wound surface, a voluminous layer of foam develops that tampons small sources of bleeding and induces coagula on. It is effec ve especially with bleedings on an area. The collagen foam can also be used in cases of traumata of parenchymatous organs. In vascular surgery, it can be used with pa ents suffering from coagulopathy. It shows a very good effect in cases of diffuse surface bleedings; the product can be used very well a er treatment of surgical source of leeding to ensure haemostasis in a surgically complicated wound.
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If required, HemaColl may be cut with scissors to desired shape and size. To make shaping easier or if the wound secre on is mild the cover may be moistened with physiological saline. The collagen foam shall be gently applied to the bleeding wound and gently pressed to it with a clamp or a tweezer un l the cover adheres and holds without help. To prevent displacement, the cover may be fixed with a tradi onal dressing (e.g. ribbon gauze), Sanavel can be used to advantage since it does not s ck to the wound nor to its surrounding area. The application me depends on the type and extent of bleeding and on the type of surgery. If the haemostatic has stuck to the wound, the foam may be moistened to make it uns ck. The collagen foam may be le on the wound un l it is absorbed completely. It is not recommended to use HemaColl to stop arterial bleeding; due to the blood pressure the collagen foam might be repelled.

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With persons allergic to proteins of bovine origin
In case of an increased hazard of infection

The product is delivered sterilized by irradia on
The product is sterile provided that its package has not been damaged or opened
The product must not be used a er the expira on period given on the package.
The product is intended for one use only

3 years from the date of steriliza on
The expira on date is given on the package


The products shall be stored in original packing in rooms designed for storing. The temperature in storage rooms must be (15 to 25) °C. The products must be protected against effects of direct sunlight. The product is supplied in a package according to its use, in unit packaging or in package of 4 to 10 pieces or in a set of various sizes. Maximal size is 100 x100 mm.

Incinera on together with municipal waste.


                  Dimensions: (mm)                   Pieces/box

Ø 90 mm.
5 pieces/box
10×10 mm.
20 pieces/box
30×15 mm.
5 pieces/box
50×50 mm.
5 pieces/box
50×100 mm.
5 pieces/box
100×100 mm.
5 pieces/box
150×100 mm.
5 pieces/box
130×130 mm.
5 pieces/box
150×150 mm
5 pieces/box
200×150 mm
5 pieces/box

The sizes are availables by manufacturer. To know the usual sizes availables please see the references in the Shop On-Line.