FAQ Sunmax I-Plus

  • What is collagen replacement therapy?


It is the treatment which adds new and highly purified collagen in wrinkle or existing unwanted creases. Collagen can also be added to a specific area (can be lip, Chin or cheek) to increase their volume and get a better definition.

  • What is the composition of collagen Sunmax I-Plus?



The injection of collagen Sunmax I-Plus is presented in single syringe. These devices are highly sterile and free of specific pathogens. Each syringe contains 35 mg/ml of cross-linked collagen and is mainly composed of Atelocollagen type 1.


  • Is treatment with collagen safe?



Collagen has been used for more than 30 years in many medical treatments as hemostatic and regenerator tissue. It is considered a safe biologically product in the biomedical field. Through an advanced purification process SPF a collagen free of pathogens is obtained. Sunmax collagen implant is one of the first injectable medical collagen to obtain the CE marking.


  • What are the indications for treatment?



Sunmax collagen implant is indicated for filling of all facial wrinkles and deep skin defects , fine lines, Crow’s feet, labial edges, nasolabial folds; It is also indicated as a scars corrector , acne, hollows in the face and for a better definition of cheekbones, Chin, etc.


  • How long does treatment with implant collagen Sunmax I-Plus?



Thanks to the criss-cross collagen we can obtain results of between 10 and 12 months. Implanted collagen will be assimilated by the body and becoming own collagen, then the same body is degrading it and disappearing. The period of total reabsorbation will vary depending on the implanted area, the need for skin collagen, age, etc.


  • What are the advantages of the collagen treatment?


Collagen treatment requires a short recovery time and relatively painless with immediate effect after application.Sunmax I-Plus does not require anesthesia, and does not contain traces of any anaesthetic, herefore, it does not have side effects.


  • How will inject the implant of collagen Sunmax I-Plus ?


Collagen implant Sunmax I-Plus, is presented in a single-use syringes, making the aplication eassy. Is injected through a small needle just underneath in the desired area dermis, filling the wrinkles or outlining the indicated area.


  • Is Sunmax I-Plus a cost-effective product?


In the Injectable collagen market there are variety of products being Sunmax I-Plus one of the best considered, bearing in mind their price and result.
In spite of this, the costs of the treatment will be based on the number of areas being treated and the dosage of Sunmax I-Plus used.
Professional, will be the one recomended to design the appropriate treatment plan adapted to the needs of the patient.


  • Who can apply this treatment?


The injectable collagen Sunmax I-Plus is a medical device should be always be applied by a professional medical – aesthetic.