Epiglu Clinical Studies

Treatment from post-operative wounds

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Post-Operative Wound

5 days after application it is shown good healing.

10 days after, evolution has been very satisfactory

Lip laceration in a 4 years children

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Deep and fresh lip laceration

Fixation with Epiglu

11 days after, total healing..

Aphthae treatment

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Acute aphthae prior to treatment

Aphthae after treatment with EPIGLU® (1st day). The patient is free of pain

Aphthae during in healing process after treatment with EPIGLU® (4th day).

Suture stabilisation with Epiglu

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Before operative

During operative

Post operative.

Suteres vs Epiglu

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Removal of a nevus with wedge excision and sutures.After 14 days the result is not satisfying

Removal of a nevus on the collateral side of the same patient with radio surgery* and wound treatment with EPIGLU®. Excellent wound healing after 14 days.

Tratamiento de Queratosis seborreica


Paciente tratado de Queratosis seborreica Cierre de herida con Epiglu. El color transparente del adhesivo no molesta.


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Removal of an egg-sized lipoma in the neck with radio surgery*

Subcutaneous sutures and closing of the skin surface with EPIGLU®

Treatment of Injuries in Belize

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Treatment of injuries in the face, with EPIGLU® only. The lumberjack instantly went on working.

The gaping wound at the back of the head was treated with EPIGLU®. After 6 weeks the flat and unobtrusive cured spot could not be pictured any more.

Removal of a Cystic and Very Deep Basalioma, Intracutaneous Sutures, Wound Closure with EPIGLU


After 10 days, the result is highly satisfying even with older patients

Treatment of Plantar Warts


Despite a simultaneous treatment of both feet the patient classified the pain as bearable as she could walk and drive her car instantly after the treatment.