Eepiglu Main Product Characteristics


Epiglu is the first Ethyl-2 Cyanocrylate tissue adhesive.
Composition: 99,23% Ethyl-2 Cyanocrylate.
• Great flexibility.
• More economic than sutures.
• Waterproof.
• Easy to apply. Single doses or in 3 gr. tubes.
• Easy, quick and without pain healing.
• Fixates even wound edges secure that are under tension.
• Quick Polymerisation. Only in a few seconds.
• Thanks to protector layer you avoid infections and healing is quicker.
• Without kelloids.
• Patient can immediately resume the daily personal hygiene and is able to work or play again.
• Without anesthetic, without stitches removal, wihtout pain,…
• Useful in oral mucosa.
• Useful in mobility areas.
• Excellent cosmethic results.




Blistered in aluminium bag with 0,3 ml. Each dose can cover wounds of 3 cm lenght.

EPISDP10 – Box with 10 x 0,3 ml

EPISDP25 – Box with 25 x 0,3 ml





Each tube contains 3gr. and it’s enough to cover wounds of 200 cm.

EPIGLU01 – 1 tube 3 gr. + 20 non sterile application sets
EPIGLU02 – 2 tubes 3 gr. + 40 non sterile application sets

Sterile Epigluop. This is the ideal product to close all kind of wounds in operation theathers or where the product needs to be sterile.

EPIGLUOP – 1 tube 3 gr. + 20 sterile application sets