Adhesive Tissue Epiglu


Epiglu is the first ethyl-2 cyanocrylate tissue adhesive that is more economic than sutures.

Epiglu is flexible. Fixates even wound edges secure that are under tension. Useful in high mobility areas.

Epiglu is quick. In only 10 seconds it is obtained total adhesion.

Epiglu is easy to apply. No need of anesthetic. Secure healing and without pain. Without removal of the stitches.episdp

Epiglu is waterproof. Patient can immediately resume the daily personal hygiene and is able to work or play again.

Epiglu is protector from infections. Epiglu creates protector layer against external infections.

Epiglu is available in single doses easy to keep.

Epiglu has excellent cosmethic results.

Epiglu avoid Ugly scars and keloids develop rarely.

Epiglu can be applied in oral mucosa.

Epiglu is applied without pain, no additional pain.